Zynga buys 4 games based on Solitaire for $ 42.5 million

It makes the two workers at Harpan LLC, the developer, billionaires.

Zynga it is not going through its best moment. The company specialized in developments for mobile and social video games has confirmed the purchase of four applications based on the popular card game The lonely man developed by the company Harpan LLC. The objective of Zynga, as explained by its CEO, Frank gibeau, goes through taking advantage of the monetization of these video games through ads.

The great beneficiaries of this decision, as explained by the GamesIndustry portal, are William and Tim Oswald, the two founding brothers of Harpan LLC and the only two employees of the company. The millionaire operation was closed on February 14, but it had not been made public until now. Will the company Farmville able to get the most out of your new purchase in the coming years?

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