Yuke's, creators of WWE 2K, is developing a new wrestling game

Beyond its relationship with 2K, the firm would be developing another title in the genre to have more competition.

The developers of the franchise WWE 2K, Yuke's, have spoken with the VGC portal about the future of their wrestling franchise and how they face the development of future installments of the series. One of his bosses, Hiromi furuta, has gone further, recognizing that the study has a serious problem that they plan to combat in the future: lack of competition. What will they do? Create themselves a new wrestling video game that can help refresh ideas and concepts for what is done each year with 2K.

"I think having no competitor is not healthy at all. When we had competitors in the wrestling space we were determined not to lose, and that was a huge motivating factor in creating something great. But right now, and seeing what it calls for the market, players expect something new every time we launch a game and we feel like we haven't achieved what we really wanted to do, "the developer confessed. Yuke's new wrestling game would have already started development and would be in" a very early phase ”of its creation, which is a surprise to fans of the Japanese studio.

“We are not chasing money or trends with our new project. We will go in the direction that we think is most interesting, combined with the passion of those who lead the project. I am sure that as long as the development leader maintains his spark we will achieve our goals. In terms of our new fighting project, there are a lot of experienced creators here, so I can assure you that it will be an amazing game, ”Furuta guaranteed. Beyond the premieres of the Fire Pro Wrestling saga, the reality is that WWE video games currently have no competition. What is Yuke's preparing?

Although its release in the fall is obvious, 2K has not yet confirmed anything about the new installment of the saga. Initial plans speak of Becky lynch, current undisputed champion of women, as the cover of WWE 2K20 and put the focus of the news in the expansion of modes for WWE wrestlers. More of the upcoming 2K is likely to be known at E3 2019.

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