Yoshinori Ono promises six to seven years of Street Fighter 5 support

It will be at the height in this sense of Street Fighter IV, the previous installment of the fighting saga.

There are barely a few weeks left until the promising Street Fighter V is launched and Yoshinori Ono has given an interview to the North American portal Gamespot to talk about the possibilities of the new installment of the emblematic fighting saga.

"The goal is not just to launch Street Fighter V," said Ono. "The real goal is to make it the starting point for constant evolution and continued support for the game for the next six, seven years like what happened with Street fighter iv'.

"At the time we released the previous game there had been a lot of waiting time regarding Street fighter iii and there weren't too many fighting games. There were no big tournaments and neither did the phenomenon of eSports"He said." Within Capcom we felt with the third party, back in 2000, that that was it for the brand. Part of the reason for this is that making a fighting game is very difficult, and launching a title from this profile is a challenging task. But with Street Fighter IV we had that awesome play, and with the fifth game we need more people to jump into the series and enjoy playing a Street Fighter. "