Yakuza 6 will introduce a new minigame: live chats with girls

Players will also be able to enjoy Virtua Fighter 5 and Puyo Puyo among other additional activities.

In any video game in the Yakuza series, apart from the main missions, we find a huge variety of leisure activities to hang out with. We have enjoyed games of pool, karaoke, arcades, and even dating clubs. What awaits us in Yakuza 6? Japanese magazine Famitsu confirms that there will be at least one new kind of minigame: live chat with girls.

No more details about the operation of these additional tests have been shared, although the images published by the magazine already suggest that the conversations will be risque.

Apart from these Live Chats, Yakuza 6 will also give us the opportunity to enjoy in its arcades a whole reference of the fight such as Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on PlayStation 3, or the puzzle game Puyo puyo, which in both cases will have multiplayer for two users. Apart from these video games, there will be other Sega classics such as Outrun, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, and Super Hang-On.