You can now play the Cycle for free on the Epic Games Store, the newest from the authors of Spec Ops

A trailer at Gamescom 2019 presents this multiplayer action game in detail.

Introduced just a few months ago, the team of YAGER has announced that its new action video game The Cycle is now available for free on the Epic Games Store, so that anyone who wants to can try this action title that the authors of Spec Ops: The Line define as a game of PvPvE fighting.

Still in alpha state, The Cycle has made the leap into the Fortnite Authors' Store with a handful of new features under its belt. A new Duo Mode has been added that allows us to face the action in the company of friends either in Solo or Squads mode.

Players who indiscriminately kill other people will now be flagged as "ruthless", prompting other players to go on their quest to win great rewards. The Cycle grows with a new enemy type, two additional character classes, and more customization options.

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