You can now raise your own Tamagotchi with the help of Pac-Man

The virtual pet and the iconic character come together in a new edition of the popular toy.

Among the different events organized on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Pac-Man that is taking place Bandai namco, perhaps one of the most striking is the one starring Tamagotchi, the popular virtual pet of the late 90s, which will soon welcome the historical character of Toru iwatani.

As confirmed by the toy company Bandai, owner of both brands, the March, 15th This same year, fans will be able to raise their virtual pet with the help of Pac-Man, who will protect it from ghost attacks. The device can be reserved from February 5, with different versions of housings dedicated to the mythical "comecocos".

If you want to get closer to this fundamental character in the history of video games, be sure to read this interesting interview with the creator of Pac-Man in which he talks about his beginnings in Namco and remembers his times writing the instructions for Atari.

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