You can now buy some exclusive Epic Games Store in Humble

Borderlands 3 is currently captaining the catalog, but more games and stores are coming.

If you are interested in getting one of the exclusive games from Epic Games Store, you will be glad to know that now you have the possibility to compare prices and conditions before going to the checkout: as anticipated in March, the parents of Fortnite would take their catalog to the popular humble shop, a move that has finally happened this week.

"The partnership between Humble Bundle and Epic that was announced at GDC is already bearing fruit. At this time you can buy Metro: Exodus and Dangerous Driving, and pre-purchase Borderlands 3, in the Humble store" can be read at the latest blog post of the company.

As you can see, right now there are not many options to choose from, but from Epic Games they assure that there are more on the way. Previously, the company indicated that it is not out of the question to continue partnering with more reputable stores to expand the reach of its games. In the meantime, Tim Sweeney's team is pleased with the good sales of their exclusives.

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