Xbox: we have many exclusives

The brand now has support to grow.

Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Studios

As part of the round table in which he was the protagonist at E3 2018, Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Studios, was questioned about the lack of exclusives from which the brand has suffered for much of the generation. The executive, first, said he was proud of the franchises they have, but said that they have the support of Microsoft to grow.

"We are really proud of our exclusive franchises, which is why you saw a lot of them at our conference, meaning Halo appeared, Gears [of War] came out with 3 games for 3 platforms and 3 different formats. Forza continues to innovate; Sea of ​​Thieves continues to come out with content. And then, although it was not at this conference, Minecraft keeps innovating And we have other big franchises, like Crackdown or Age of Empires, "the executive explained first." So we do have a lot of exclusives. It has to do with what I said before: we feel that we have the support to grow and we feel that we have a slogan from the company to be more ambitious and that is why we brought these studies. "

What Booty refers to is the announcement by Phil Spencer, Xbox director, who during the brand's conference presented 5 new studies: 4 signings and 1 foundation, aimed precisely at the game production, with which, Microsoft gives, in a certain way, credit to the observations on the lack of exclusives and that, although they have several, Xbox has been slow to conceive new triple-A properties. When will the games of these studies debut? Maybe in the next generation.