Xbox Game Pass surpasses 15 million subscribers

Microsoft's service continues to grow and agreements are increasingly being reached with more companies such as EA or Bethesda.

A few hours ago the acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox was confirmed, in an unprecedented move in the video game industry, which is leaving a lot of news in its wake. A purchase from ZeniMax Media worth $ 7.5 billion. In the main, the titles of the different studios of the company will be available on the day of its launch on Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service of the Redmond company.

Microsoft wants Game Pass to be decisive in the new generation Precisely, and although it may go unnoticed in the press release issued by Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass is also news. The company claims that the gaming service has exceeded 15 million subscribers. A sample of the growth of the program and that each time users are betting on it. A video game catalog that can be accessed instantly and with various options for a fixed monthly amount.

Bethesda games have just joined this service. The note indicates that, the same day the next releases are released on Xbox or PCGames like Starfield will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. "Quality differential content is the driving force behind the growth and value of Xbox Game Pass, from Minecraft to Flight Simulator," he says. Satya nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Until now, Microsoft's own first-party games were the only ones that were on the same day as their launch and third-party games arrived later according to agreements. Now, Bethesda joins the service as Electronic Arts has recently. Xbox Game Pass now has 15 million subscribers but, with these additions, the number could soon increase considerably.