World War Z will soon have new modes, difficulties and rewards

Saber Interactive presents a roadmap with new content between now and July.

After a surprisingly successful premiere, the remarkable cooperative shooter World War Z prepares its efforts to keep the community glued to the screen by announcing its first roadmap, with new free content that will arrive little by little between May, June and July. The arrival of a new modes, maps, enemies, unlockable objects and more is mentioned.

Without going any further, the map of Tokyo and the new zombie that had already been announced a few days ago will arrive in May. Those responsible explain that the creature can return to life (or "non-life") if we do not end it properly. In June, the difficulty mode with six skulls will arrive, which will also give us access to a unique unspecified reward. Along with this new cosmetic items are introduced. Finally, another dose of decorations arrives in July, along with a weekly challenge mode.

Focus Home Interactive notes that there are other free upgrades in mind, even if they are not scheduled in any specific month. Among them we find a traditional horde mode, distributed in waves; as well as private rooms, the ability to switch classes in PvPvE mode and bars to adjust the field of view and level of detail for the PC version. If you want to know how the game is as it has been released, we encourage you to read our analysis of World War Z.

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