World War Z will be updated soon with a new Infected and another episode

Both contents will be free, explain those responsible.

It hasn't been much since the premiere of World War Z, but Saber Interactive is already thinking about updating the game with new content. In fact, the first round will arrive in May, and according to a new publication of the study on Twitter, it will incorporate a new episode to play in Tokyo and a new type of infected that still has no name.

The new zombie "quickly takes control of its host", undoubtedly a clue to the kind of mechanics we will face when it is added. Concept art images have also been provided for both types of content, which also they will be free. It is also important to clarify that the new zombie will be available not only in the extra episode, but in all the others as well.

These additions are a real favor, since one of the aspects that we criticize the most in the analysis of World War Z is precisely the lack of depth that there is in the masses of infected. On the other hand, Saber Interactive is enjoying excellent sales and they promise that we will have a roadmap "soon".

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