World of Tanks is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 19

Those responsible ensure that this version has been developed specifically for the Sony console.

Wargaming Interactive has announced the release date of World of Tanks in its version for PlayStation 4, after successfully passing through PC and Xbox One in the past.

“The wait is over. PlayStation®4 players will no longer have to wait to play the most popular tank title of recent years. Wargaming has announced that the award-winning World of Tanks is coming next January 19 for PlayStation 4 ", they comment in a press release. "World of Tanks will feature modified effects, taking advantage of all the power that the PlayStation 4 System offers as well as other specific features that the console offers and exclusive content for a limited time when entering the game for the first time."

"Developed specifically for the PlayStation 4 system, World of Tanks incorporates a variety of key features that the console offers, including DualShock 4 game sharing and remote play functionality with PlayStation Vita and optimized and intuitive controls," they comment. “World of Tanks will offer Platinum trophies, in addition to four different Founder's Packs featuring a variety of Premium content available now on the PlayStation Store. Players who enter before January 31, 2016 will receive as a gift a premium light tank T1E6-PS US with an exclusive camouflage ”.

"World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 is gratuitous for all users with PlayStation accounts with no obligation to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to play ”, they explain. “PlayStation Plus members will receive access to a Premium bundle on launch day that includes the exclusive Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J light German car with 3 days of Premium account plus special discounts on your purchases ”.