WipEout Omega Collection allows us to have a hole in its soundtrack

A contest is started to have our own song among the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers songs.

Sony has announced through the official PlayStation blog that it is launching a contest for a fan song to end up on the soundtrack from the remarkable WipEout Omega Collection.

"When we said we had revealed the complete soundtrack, it was not entirely true. We are giving you the opportunity to contribute to track 29," they say in a statement. "We challenge you to submit your own remix to get the coveted last spot on the soundtrack and join a mix of WipEout legends like The prodigy Y The Chemical Brothers and some of the trendiest modern artists. "

"Download them, create your own remix and send the resulting track in .wav format to [email protected] before August 12, 2017," they continue. "Our panel of experts will listen to each submission and decide who wins not only a spot on the soundtrack, which will be included in the game and available to be played around the world, but also a copy of the game and a PS4 Pro'.