Werewolves Within is Ubisoft's New for Virtual Reality

It will be one of the first social multiplayer experiences to take advantage of this technology.

Ubisoft strongly committed to virtual reality and the recent announcement of Werewolves Within is a good example of this. Presented as one of the first multiplayer experiences based on this technology, this title developed by Ubisoft Barcelona Y Red Storm Entertainment captures the essence and competitive spirit of playing alongside friends at a table.

"VR is proving to be an impressive platform for creating social interactions, giving people the realistic feeling of being together with other people," said Red Storm Entertainment's chief creative officer. "Werewolves Within gives players the opportunity to feel how VR can generate very strong social connections, allowing them to come together and have a great time, no matter how close or far they are."

Werewolves Within transports players to the medieval village of Gallowston, where they must unmask the werewolves terrorizing the town. Designed as an online multiplayer experience for a group of five to eight playersThese will have to take on random roles at the beginning of each match, some of which grant special abilities that will help players deduce who a hidden werewolf really is.

To keep the experience as dynamic as possible, the games are fast, and the roles change every time. In one round you can be a villager begging for his innocence, and in the next you can be the werewolf lying in order to win.

Using voice detection, positional tracking technology, and animations based on Red Storm's voice inflection analysis, players' real-life actions and body language will be reflected in their VR character in-game. .