Way of Redemption launches on PS Plus May 2

It is an exclusive promotion for Spain and Portugal; later the game will be released on PS4 and PC.

With two PS Talents awards under its belt, the action video game Way of Redemption will debut in Playstation 4 next May 2, but it will only do so as part of the PS Plus promotion that we talked about days ago, and exclusively for Spain and Portugal. When will it be available to other users?

Developed in Spain by the team of Pixel Cream, Way of Redemption will be released on PS4 and PC in the third quarter of the year. Inspired by classics such as Neo Geo's Windjammers, the video game combines action and sports, giving us control of up to seven different characters that can accumulate more than 8000 customizable combinations.

Way of Redemption bets on multiplayer with 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 games; offers competitive options over the Internet, but also in local mode.