Vikings: Wolves of Midgard describes its game modes

It will have a New Game + mode with new challenges for those who finish the campaign.

The Slovak team of Games farm plans to put PCs and game consoles around the world on a war footing with their long-awaited Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, and they have written a lengthy post on the official PlayStation blog to thoroughly discuss the ins and outs of their playable modes outside of the Bell.

On the one hand, they emphasize that there will be New Game +, and they explain that "after the end credits after finishing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard for the first time, you will have the option to clean your sword and prepare for another bloody expedition through the wilds of Midgard, keeping the level and the gifts received, but being able to master all combat styles to be even more lethal in battle. "

They also talk about the modality tests of the gods, which put us in front of waves of objectives of increasing difficulty and very powerful final bosses to get equipment and runes with which to improve our character.

They also remember that there is a cooperative for two players, although this is only online.

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