Will we ever see Until Dawn 2?

In Supermassive Games they ensure that they are aware that there is a fan base that demands a sequel.

The boys of Supermassive games became especially famous with the original Until Dawn, a PS4 game that gained fame among fans for its thoughtful horror atmosphere and youthful slasher style where our decisions matter. Will we ever see a second part?

"After Until Dawn they started asking for a sequel, and it still happens to this day. So we are fully aware that there is a fan base who likes this kind of thing," said Pete Samuels, CEO of the study. "A lot of our idea to create The Dark Pictures anthology comes from a desire to serve our fan base from our perspective, and to serve ourselves as well in what we want to do."

The idea of ​​making a Until Dawn 2? We consider it discarded in the face of the words spoken to the GameInformer magazine. "If we made sequels, we wouldn't be able to know who survives. We would have to work through your saves, and we don't want to make a sequel like that. We want to do different stories with different people. "

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