Valve presents Steam Direct, the replacement for Steam Greenlight

It will be available in spring 2017; seeks to speed up the arrival of new video games.

Four and a half years after his birth Valve has decided to replace Steam Greenlight, the system that allows players to vote for the titles they want to see in the store, in favor of a "more agile" process, but that also "could be more expensive for developers", to which the company responsible for Half Life has baptized as Steam direct. When will it be available? In spring of this year.

Greenlight was designed to allow developers to have "more direct contact with players, while taking the work out of evaluating and rating all games before allowing them to be released on the store. With Steam Direct, "says Valve," the popularity contest, developers will only need to digitally submit some documents, pay a fee (which they could recover), and launch the game. The problem could be in the rate ", add those responsible for the platform.

Steam Direct represents another step in the process of building a better and better Steam Up until now, 90 euros were paid, which are donated to Child’s Play, and this allowed to present as many projects as desired. With Steam Direct the fee will be for each game, confirms Valve, which has not yet established the fee, although after consulting with the developers, it shuffles options ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000. "The company is studying a balanced price, which allows talented teams to advance their game and avoid works of dubious quality or seriousness."

Valve understands and appreciates the positive role Greenlight has played in recent years. Thanks to this system, more than 100 titles born from it have sold at least a million dollars each, "and probably many of those games would not have been published in the old Steam Store."

In an extensive message published on Steam, Valve explains that it has explained in detail how Greenlight works and all the improvements it has received in recent years, but they make it clear that it is not enough. "We want to make sure that Steam is an environment where all developers that they treat their customers seriously and build quality experiences feel welcome […] Steam Direct represents another step in our continuous process of building a better and better Steam ".

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