Valve buys Campo Santo, the creators of Firewatch

The studio is working on a new adventure known as In the Valley of Gods.

In the Valley of Gods is the new video game from the authors of Firewatch

The creators of the remarkable Firewatch join Valve. The company responsible for the Half Life saga or the well-known Steam digital platform has announced the purchase of Holy Field, an independent studio made up of 12 creatives currently working on the new narrative adventure In The Valley of Gods, of which few details are available to date.

"We have had a series of long conversations with Valve and everyone shared the satisfaction of working with people with much more talent than oneself to achieve what you thought was impossible," they say from Campo Santo. The authors of Firewatch acknowledge that they enjoy the entire process after creating videogames: from the development itself, to the promotional work, meeting the fans, sharing demos and all the possible information with them.

"We feel the same with the work they do (this may surprise you, it doesn't happen every day)," the indie studio clarifies when talking about Valve. "In us, they found a group with unique and valuable experience and diverse perspectives. So it quickly became an obvious alliance." In addition, Campo Santo highlights that there will be no changes in its way of proceeding. "Yes, we continue to work on In the Valley of Gods (as a Valve game!); Yes, we will continue to support Firewatch; and yes, we will continue to produce The Quarterly Review and our regular blog content. Thank you for your interest in our games and we'll see you in Washington, "they conclude in their official statement.