Uses and tricks to be a Fortnite guided missile master

Find out in this guide how to master this powerful weapon.

With the guided missile of Fortnite settled after several days between us, we compile in this guide some of the most curious statistics, techniques and tricks with which the dedicated sector of the battle royale community has surprised us.

In case you didn't know it yet, the guided missile was introduced into the update 3.4 from Fortnite and that, as its name suggests, allows us to control the trajectory of the rocket after firing. It can give a lot of play by itself, but below we describe the most special information and techniques that can be executed with this weapon so that you surprise your rivals.

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Guided Missile Statistics


As you can buy, the Guided Missile's base stats are very similar to any other rocket - they share the same damage, though the missile is a bit slower to compensate for the ability to control it. Here are some additional information of interest.

  • Deals 1,000 damage to elements of the environment.
  • The rocket has 100 health points, travels at a speed of 1,300 units per second, and is capable of staying in the air for 18 seconds.
  • It takes 3.13 seconds to fire two missiles in a row.
  • While you control the missile, you cannot see or move your character, so there are great risks.
  • You can relinquish control of the missile at any time, and it will keep its trajectory.
  • Found in treasure chests and supply crates.
  • Increase the DPI of your mouse or the sensitivity of the game to maneuver the missile more effectively if you want to make elaborate trajectories.

How to ride the Fortnite rocket

Similar to the Halloween event, the Fortnite Guided Missile allows you to surf on the projectile to unleash chaos. We know, the very fact of how to mount it is the first question that anyone who sees it in action asks. We clarify the doubt below.

Ride the missile In solitary following these instructions.

  1. Stand on a roof or platform that you can jump from. You will have to land on the missile in one jump, so it should be a place where there is no risk of dying if you miss.
  2. Fire the missile, and place it in front of or behind your character. Make sure there is enough distance between the projectile and your avatar so that you have time to react.
  3. Once you correct the trajectory, give up control of the rocket and try to jump on it.

If you go in a group, take note of the instructions to give your companions a deadly air transport.

  1. Ask your partner to position himself in an open area and at a respectable distance from you.
  2. Fire the rocket and make sure it travels almost to ground level. Signal your partner to jump about two seconds before the rocket reaches its exact position.
  3. You can also coordinate to jump on the missile right after launching it.

Original, useful or curious uses of the guided missile

  • Don't be caught in the storm. If you need to squeeze every last second to loot a location and the storm is upon you, a heroic rocket rescue can save your skin.
  • You can sneak a missile through a window to kill someone inside a building. Be careful not to hit a wall.
  • If time is running out and you don't know where your rival is, hide and control the missile like a hawk's eye to find him.
  • You know where the enemy is, but is it inaccessible? The missile is your answer, but you can multiply your chances of success if a friend gets on and fires at your opponents from above before hitting the rocket. In case you fail or survive.
  • Some builds have small holes that you can slip the rocket through while they finish building. This can allow you to finish a fight against someone chasing you through buildings before they even knock down yours. You can also create these "windows" if you leave a gap between a wall and a roof, for example.
  • You can destroy an enemy rocket with a guided missile to protect yourself or your structures from enemy fire. Keep in mind that grenades are quite difficult to destroy in time.