Uncharted 4 improved its accessibility options with people with disabilities in mind

These are small adjustments such as holding down a button instead of having to press it repeatedly.

Naughty dog, the studio responsible for the outstanding Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, launched its action and adventure video game with very important accessibility options that allowed, among many other things, alternatives such as holding down a button instead of having to press it repeatedly or a simpler melee mechanic.

The decision was inspired by a player with a disability, Josh Straub, who contacted the Californian studio to continue enjoying their entertainment without restrictions of this type. "I was faced with a reality that was that of having spent $ 60 on a video game and not being able to advance from a certain point without having the help of a person without disabilities," said Straub. "What the developers need to understand is that these games are more than entertainment for people like me, they are an escape route and offer a social space free from appearance bias."

Straub himself has achieved this by contacting one of the interface designers, Alexandria Neonakis, who, moved by the fact that this person could not finish Uncharted 2 because of doors that needed to "smash buttons", got in touch with the directors of the title to explain the situation and seek solutions.