Uncharted 4 Releases Its Multiplayer "Big Update" Today

This is patch 1.08, which brings with it the first DLC, a system of levels and another of ranks with rewards.

Naughty dog continues to work on polishing the already excellent multiplayer of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and, this time, they have detailed through the official PlayStation blog all the features for it that are included in the update 1.08 of the video game.

"Multiplayer continues to be important to the team and we will continue to implement patches to fix important problems and adjust the game," they explain in the statement. "Our first major post-launch update, patch 1.08, includes the first downloadable content for Multiplayer, a tier system, and a new rank system with exclusive rewards. Yes, it's a huge update (patch 1.08 is just over 1.3 GB) ".

It also brings with it Lost treasures, "The first content pack we released after the game was released and includes the first free map, new items, and awesome character skins." An unpublished free map, Sunken Ruins, and many other things that you can consult by following this link.