A new option in Windows 10 improves the fluidity of games

Microsoft adds variable refresh rate to games from the Store.

Microsoft has already made Windows 10 version 1903 available to users (corresponding to the May 2019 update), which among other things includes the option to activate the variable refresh rate from the graphic options menu. The interesting thing about this function is that it is implemented even in games that are not supported as standard. This option allows you to play all the titles more fluidly thanks to the synchronization between the graphics card and the screen; something that make reality technologies such as AMD's FreeSync and Nvidia's G-Sync.

In principle, the technologies of each company already fill the gaps that the games may have, but according to a post in the Microsoft developers blog, this update allows DirectX 11 games to enable variable refresh rates even though they do not have it serial. Apparently Windows Store games did not originally include this functionality, and although there was a point where the implementation depended on the developers, this new option makes it possible in all games.

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