An amazing video! Final Fantasy VII remake finally reappears

Square Enix promises to offer more details at E3 2019.

All eyes were on the upcoming E3 2019; all fans of the Final Fantasy series hoped to see the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake then, but Square enix a new and sensational trailer of this highly anticipated action and role adventure.

The Japanese have taken advantage of the most recent State of Play to discover new material from this long-awaited remake, confirming in passing that next month of June We will hear again about the rebirth of the legendary FFVII. We recall that the Square Enix conference at E3 2019 already confirmed the date and time.

In the new video, just over a minute long, we can see some of the most iconic characters from the classic JRPG from Squaresoft, among which stand out Sefirot or Aeris, beyond the already known Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace, who were previously seen in other trailers.

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