A video compares how Spider-Man and Batman fight

These are the differences in the fighting between the new Spider-Man game and the Arkham saga.

The youTube channel Amazing Animation has dedicated a video to compare the animations of the combats between the new Spider-Man game and the titles starring Batman in the Arkham saga. And although there are some clear similarities, especially in the mechanics of the fights, also there are quite a few differences.

The Arkham titles are an obvious reference for the new Insomniac game, but the studio has managed to create its own identity for the movements of the Marvel character. These are two very different styles, but both are fluid and manage to reflect the personality of the two characters. While Batman turns out much more overwhelming and violent, Spider-Man is more acrobatic and improvised. Other differences highlighted by the video is that Batman takes a more tactical approach to fights, effectively passing from one opponent to another while Spider-Man is freer and covers a greater combat surface, thanks in part to his jumps and jumps. vertical displacements.

Amazing Animation has already dedicated another interesting video to explain why the Spider-Man game seems so fast, but we will have to wait until September 7th to find out what other resources Insomniac uses to make players feel like Marvel's wall-crawler. For now, you can already get our first opinion after two hours of gameplay with this new Spider-Man game.

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