A stamp on the cover marks video game compatibility with PS4 Pro

In the English version it says "PS4 Pro Enhanced", but does not specify the improvements.

How do you know when a video game Playstation 4 is it compatible with PS4 Pro? It will be easy: the box itself will mark it. Sony has confirmed and shown the stamp that will appear on the cover every time one of the console products can take advantage of the technical benefits of the new Japanese machine. In English it will put PS4 Pro Enhanced, that is, improvements in Playstation pro.

What improves, however, will not be specified on the stamp: "PS4 Pro enhancements vary by game. Some games will improve visuals, others frame rate, others HDR support, or improvements in resolution. of the software ". Confirmed that the first games to include the stamp will be Watch dogs 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Horizon Zero Dawn or Mass Effect Andromeda.

Check in 3D Games the list of compatible video games in the first batch of works that will take advantage of PlayStation 4 Pro.