A virtual reality Pokémon Go would be so good it could be harmful

From Niantic Labs.It is argued that it could cause people to spend too much time in their digital worlds.

John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs., has spoken with the GamesIndustry portal about the possibility of launching a version of virtual reality for your mobile hit Pokémon GO.

"He has the potential to be too good, and that's something that worries me. It would be an experience where people would want to spend too much time," Hanke explained. "I mean I already have concerns with my kids about spending too much time with Minecraft, and it's a wonderful video game."

"We are human beings, and there are many studies that show that we are much happier when we exercise, when we go out of the house ... Especially in nature. I think it would end up being a problem for us if we forgot all that and spent our time in a virtual universe in the style of Ready Player One'.

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