A fan creates a spectacular remake of Super Mario 64

This new free version recreates the Nintendo 64 game as if it were a current generation game.

Some fans deserve huge applause for their enthusiasm and love of video games. It is the case of Nimso Ny, which is working on a spectacular remake of the classic Super Mario 64, turning it into a game of it might as well belong to the current generation of consoles. You only have to watch the video that accompanies this news to see the excellent work that this enthusiastic fan is doing.

Nimso Ny has created new object modeling, animation sets and high resolution textures which could probably become the best version of this title since the original launch of the game by Nintendo in 1996. At the moment the entire game is not available, since only the new version of the original game is completely finished. But it can be enjoyed, for example, from the title screen or the first floor inside the castle. A monumental job, careful in every detail, which is also available to all players for free from the project website.

Super Mario 64 is one of the most loved titles by the community of "modders", who have released all kinds of modifications and versions for this game, from Super Mario 64 in HD, panoramic format and 60 fps, or Super Mario 64 converted into the classic Super Mario Bros.

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