Ubisoft will stop including paper manuals in its games

"The manual included in the game itself will offer the player easier, more extensive and more intuitive access."

The ritual of opening a new video game, looking at the disc, and flipping through the instruction manual to see illustrations and have a first contact seems like it could come to an end very soon. If with the advent of digital distribution, manuals have their lives numbered, it seems that even in physical format games these paper manuals could cease to exist, at least in games of Ubisoft.

The gala company itself has announced that as an "environmental initiative", its games that come out from autumn to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will not include paper manuals

"The digital manuals from Ubisoft will be of great benefit not only to the environment but also to gamers. With the manual included in the game itself, the player will be able to access it and the information in a more intuitive way, as well as allowing the manual to be much more extensive ”, can be read in the press release.

In addition, within this strategy in favor of the environment, they will also begin to include recyclable ecological boxes in its next PC releases, the first being Splinter Cell: Conviction. At the moment only in the United States.

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