Ubisoft defends that PS4 Pro guarantees "tools for innovation" in its games

Alain Corre, one of the main executives of the French brand believes that the machine will allow his games to reach new levels.

The French company Ubisoft has issued a statement through the mouth of Alain Corre, one of its main executive directors, in which he has made clear the position of the publisher in terms of the attractiveness they find in PS4 Pro, the most powerful revision of Playstation 4 that was just presented.

"New hardware like the one provided by PlayStation 4 Pro allows us developers to enjoy tools to innovate in our video games. With this console includes the possibility of taking the graphics of our games to new levels, which creates experiences even more immersive for gamers, "Corre commented.

"Some of the higher-end video games from Ubisoft, including For Honor, Steep, Ghost Recon Wildlands or Watch Dogs 2 will be optimized for PlayStation 4 Pro when they go on sale," he concluded.