Troll and I: "The local cooperative is hardly used at the moment"

The guys from Spiral House talk about one of the features that their adventure, action and puzzle video game includes.

Through the official PlayStation blog we have been able to hear the opinion of Kevin Oxland and Andrew Nguyen, two of the main creative managers of Spiral House, on the motivation for incorporating the functionality of the local cooperative into Troll and I.

"The game is based on the teamwork, so you have to switch between the two characters to progress in the story, "Nguyen began to relate." Sometimes you must control Troll, using his brute force to lift a heavy object, and other times you must play as Otto, making spears at Break out of branches to confront the attacking enemies. The exception is of course when you play in the cooperative local mode, where you can complete the game with a single character while one friend controls the other. "

"Local co-op is a mode that we always played in the past and is hardly used in current games anymore," added Oxland. "We wanted to get it back. We also found it to fit the game very well and to work with the dynamic between Troll and Otto. With the split screen, the social interaction between the players is similar to the interaction between Troll and Otto throughout the game. "

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