Three executives of the manufacturer Mad Catz resign just before their financial results are made public

A hard blow is sensed for the company in the field of sales, after turning to a Rock Band 4 that has not succeeded.

The boys of Mad catz They were promised happily acquiring the co-distribution rights of Rock Band 4, however their sales should not have been particularly impressive since, in the absence of knowing them in detail, we found no trace of the game in the different sales rankings except in moments very punctual of the immediate dates to its launch.

That could be the reason for the resignation of the president of Mad Catz itself, a Darren Richardson who also served as CEO, Thomas Brown, another of its main executives in the direction and Whitney Peterson, the vice president of business.

This same night the tax reports of the well-known peripheral manufacturer will be released, which invested heavily in the return of the well-known music brand not only in terms of software but also in terms of its peripherals.

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