Toukiden 2 details its plot and offers news about its weapons

Koei Tecmo's video game launches on PC, PS4, and PS Vita on March 24.

Wanting to face the demons one more time? Koei Tecmo He has shared a lot of information about his promising Toukiden 2, delving into the plot details and the particularities of some of the weapons that we will use during this action adventure, of which we offer you two new videos.

Torn by internal conflict, the people of Mahoroba it is a hotbed in which two rival clans, the Samurai and the Imperial Guard, fight incessantly forgetting their main task of protecting the sanctuary of the city. In order to appease tempers, and protect the priestess Kagura, you will reach a region that is also subdued by demons. Which side will you join?

Against this backdrop of warfare, in Toukiden 2 fans will have "a multitude of varied weapons to suit any combat style," including swords, knives, sickles, spears, bows, batons, halberds, or even rifles. In addition, the authors of this adventure confirm, two new series of weapons will make their debut for the first time in the work: the Sword & Shield, a combination that offers a solid mix of offensive and defensive attacks, and the Whip Chain, allowing fast maneuvers that will quickly destroy the Oni.

Players will be free to customize and enhance these weapons with the help of the liberated souls of fallen heroes, known as Mitama, enhancing attributes such as Attack, Defense, Healing, Speed ​​and Control. The latter, in addition, as a novelty allows us to invoke the Oni to fight alongside us, which undoubtedly promises to let us enjoy epic battles.

Toukiden 2 will be released on PS4, PS Vita, and PC on March 24.

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