All characters in the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be voiced by actors

Its creators also talk about the mini-games in this role-playing adventure and the "open world" concept.

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation includes an interview with the director and producer of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, who confirm that in this role-playing adventure all the characters will have their own dubbing by actors.

"Basically, we will have a full dubbing. We are still deciding the voices of the characters that were not in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ", has declared Tetsuya Nomura. And with laughter they also confirm that the bizarre dates in the house of Don Corneo, where of course the characters will have their own voice.

"It would be impossible not to," said veteran Yoshinori Kitase with a laugh, who nevertheless points out that the passage of time and the social changes that this implies forces them to act "carefully" when it comes to "reproducing the events of the original" .

Another of the most interesting questions has to do with the option of turning Final Fantasy VII into a game of open world. "We can't say anything yet," Kitase says, but this doesn't seem to be an issue that haunts Nomura. The scenarios will be larger, or so it seems, and also more interactive with "actions of the protagonists that affect" them. How much they will do is still an enigma. And rightly so, since the game is still in its early stages of development.

Will it be released in time for the original's 20th anniversary? "I can't say anything right now," Kitase laughs. Nor has Nomura been clear about it. "Personally, I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 and World of Final Fantasy in 2016. I think when they are complete, I will be able to offer new information."

Finally, questioned about the presence of Minigames In this remake, both have confirmed that the best known will be, although some could undergo changes and the less known directly disappear. "The development team is also thinking about what to do with the minigames," says Kitase.