All Street Fighter V modes will give play money to buy new DLCs

Capcom is totally convinced to avoid the old business models in the fifth installment.

Since he knew about the new business models he wanted Capcom for their Street Fighter V, many users had doubts. Should they necessarily go through online versus to get Fight Money to help them unlock new game content? Or if you are a player who passes the competition should you go through the box yes or yes? It seems that the director of marketing and eSports of the new game, Matt dahlgren, has specified very interesting details.

It seems that all the modes of Street Fighter V will be translated into Fight Money, the virtual currency that will allow you to buy new characters and costumes. He has been very direct in his statement: "Players will be able to get fight money with the single mode as soon as it arrives. If you complete character stories you will receive Fight Money, if you complete survival you will receive Fight Money, for each level you go up for each protagonist you will receive Fight Money "he assured in an interview with the American media VentureBeat.

No time to play Street Fighter V but want to enjoy the extra content? No problem. Beyond Fight Money, I will be zenny, the virtual currency that is purchased with player microtransactions. The equivalency that Capcom has offered passes for $ 6 is equal to 600 zennys, which is what an extra character costs; The costumes will cost 400 zennys, or $ 4. It seems that there will be enough options to satisfy all the users of the imminent fighting game.

In the interview, his producer, Yoshinori Ono, commented that currently "we are in the era of eSports. Things happen in real time. We have a unique opportunity with the new business model, and we must accelerate our communication. Therefore, we are offering new business possibilities as part of our new perspective". Street Fighter V is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC next February 16th.