Everything you can do after passing Kingdom Hearts 3

Find the best Keyblade, defeat the hidden boss, find all the battle portals and more.

Okay, you've finished Kingdom Hearts III. What's more, you have come running to the forums to contrast opinions about the final cinematic and the game itself. And now that? Back on the shelf? If you don't want to, don't: in this guide, we will tell you a good number of activities and small chores 'endgame' to point to your to-do list after viewing the credits. Only suitable for completists!

We think this is clear enough by now, but just in case we specify that everything below are optional objectives that do not affect your progress in the story. We have not included in the list the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 to respect the strict condition of "extra", nor the achievements and trophies, because they are common to all games and there are already many communities and YouTube channels dedicated entirely to covering them .

Find all the golden Hercules dolls in Kingdom Hearts III

Get the best keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 If you are a fan of the Kingdom Hearts saga, you will undoubtedly know the keyblade Arma Artema, also known as Ultima for its original nomenclature. As its name suggests, it is the best blade in the game and also the most difficult to obtain: you will need several materials that are obtained by synthesizing or completing battle portals, in addition to the seven Orichalcum minerals +. We tell you how to get Arma Artema in KH3 and how to get all these pieces in a separate guide.

(Spoiler) Face the hidden boss Now that you have Artema Weapon in your possession, it's a good time to face the secret boss of the game. An open secret, rather! It is about the imposing Dark Inferno (Dark Inferno in the English version), which hides behind a battle portal. Not sure how to access the battle portal? Do you want to be well prepared so you don't get into trouble? Have you faced him already and want advice for a rematch? We've got your back - check out how to fight Dark Hell in KH3.

Treasures, secondary, collectibles, improvements ... Why are we going to fool ourselves: if the game hooks us, we are able to collect hundreds of bland collectibles just by indulging in see everything done 100%. In Kingdom Hearts 3, you have a good list of such tasks. For example, each world has a complete collection of chests, each with a treasure inside. There are also five golden Hercules figures in the world of Olympus, although if you are someone of action you can also find all the improvements of the Gumi ship, photograph all the constellations and all the monsters or unlock all the recipes. Almost nothing!

Take part in all the minigames In addition to the battles and the story, there are also a lot of minigames to complete that you will definitely want to repeat to get the best possible score. There are of all kinds and all over the world, although surely the ones that interest you the most are the mini-games of the Flantastic Seven (originally Flantastic Seven). Why? Well, because if you complete them all and get the best score, you will get an Orichalcum +, essential material to get the best Keyblade. And if you already have it, well, at least you have a good time playing!