Everything you need to know about horses in Red Dead Online

Injured? Rebel? Dead? A guide with useful information about your noble steed.

More than just a vehicle, the horse it's little more than an extension of your own character in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, of course, Red Dead Online too. However, that means you also have to worry about keeping him healthy and happy. For some it will be a tostón and for others, part of the fun; For us, it is good material to make a guide with everything you need to know about horses. Ah! We also recommend taking a look at the best free horse in RDR 2, for the counterpart of a player in the program.

Good! Let's start with the most important thing: your horse is more or less immortal. We say "more or less" because it actually can die, but Rockstar seems to have a slightly different view of death and will allow us heal our dead horse for a small fee: $ 4 if insured, $ 2 if not. To get your unfortunate horse back, press left on the crosshead, enter the stables menu and access your horses from there. One insured horse returns in perfect health for the extra price, while the other will have uncharged energy cores.

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As long as I'm alive, you'll also want to keep the happiness and friendship with the horse full. Both are easy to come by: buy a brush from the catalog and use it to keep your trusty steed's mane clean and shiny. You can also very quickly increase your affinity with the animal simply by guiding it from the ground by taking its reins: in half an hour, it will increase to the maximum.

When a wild animal threatens you or you are in the middle of a shootout, you can calm your horse by repeatedly pressing the left stick. This not only serves to maintain control, but also provides a boost of resistance. Purchasing rein and saddle upgrades can optimize the horse's power core recharge and emptying, but saddlebags are of no use to increase its carrying capacity. If that is what you are looking for, save your money. And speaking of saving money, there are several things that you can create manually while riding. Just keep in mind that you cannot gallop in the process.