Tim Willits: graphics can still improve a lot

We are still far from absolute realism.

Projects like The Last of Us: Part II lend themselves to asking if the video game still has a long way to go in terms of graphic realism and, according to Tim Willits, director of id Software, the answer is a resounding yes, which no it necessarily requires creative lag.

As part of the interview he gave us a few days ago, the veteran developer pointed out that we are still far from the hypothetical "unsettling valley" and noted that, in parallel, we are living one of the most creative times in the history of the industry.

"There are people who will tell you that when they first played the original DOOM, they felt like the pinnacle of graphics technology had been reached," Willits explained. "Actually, we are a long way from experiencing the haunting valley in a real-time video game," he continued. "In addition, we must not forget that we live one of the most creative times of video games. We have a vibrant community of developers, in both, both the triple A space and the independent space, who have access to distribution platforms to carry their visions to the market. We must not underestimate the creative point where we are, it is a formidable time to be a player, "he concluded.

The "unsettling valley" is an aesthetic hypothesis that predicts the arrival of a time in robotic and computational evolution where the resemblance of androids or computer-generated anthropomorphic models to genuine humans is enough to arouse a strange sense of discomfort.

The question came about the statements of Hamish Young, technical director of Avalanche Studios, who a few weeks ago predicted a brake in the technical progress of the industry, to make way for a creative evolution. "With the arrival of the indies, now it is more important what the game is about, not what happens in it," he said, although he acknowledged that there is still room to advance in technology. Interestingly, Young and Willits worked together on Rage 2, a joint project between Avalanche Studios and id Software that will debut on May 14.

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