Tim Schafer is interested in remastering other LucasArts classics

Grim Fandango's father prefers, however, to work on "new ideas".

TO Tim schafer would like to bring back some of the great graphic adventures of the days of LucasArts, as he has done in recent years with titles such as Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle, although the father of Psychonauts admits that he prefers to work on completely original projects. "You always have to try to bet on new ideas," says the head of Double Fine.

However, about 20 years after the release of some of LucasArts' great adventure games, Schafer believes it is "long enough for it to have some value to go back to these classics." Furthermore, for several reasons, as the creative remembers that many of these video games have stopped working, or disappear from stores "and are no longer available, they do not work fine and you have to hack them even if you want to buy them. "

Tim Schafer also highlights the importance of these remasters, which serve to prevent some of these classics from disappearing permanently. Recalling his past works, the creator of Broken Ages recalls that the "original games were getting old. Many things were on tapes that were being damaged, and some of their creators have even died. While the people are still around, try to create the definitive version of these games. You can reconvene the team to discuss it, retrieve the artwork, go back to the archives and retrieve as much as possible. "

Another point in favor of these remasters is that more players can enjoy classics that, in some cases, did not enjoy the success deserved at the time. A good example of this is Grim Fandango, "we have sold more copies of Grim Fandango now than when it was released, and that is exciting." Finally, Schafer believes that it is important to be united to these projects because in this way, he can "ensure that things are done well and that I remain connected with the new versions instead of letting someone from outside work with these games. That was very important to me, so I'm glad I did. "

The Double Fine team is currently working on Psychonauts 2 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.