Laggy in Apex Legends? Try changing regions to reduce it

Respawn's successful battle royale has a menu for choosing servers… if you know how to find it.

You know it as well as we do: if there's one thing that gets on any player's nerves, it's the 'lag' or latency. There are countless reasons why you may have connection problems or a slower response than normal with the game, and many of them are directly linked to your internet provider. If you're having issues like this in Apex Legends, the game may not have placed you on the optimal server. But luckily you can change region manually.

How do you do this? The technique varies according to your preferred platform, but the original concept is the same for all of them: you have to wait a few minutes on the title screen, open and close a specific options menu and a new menu will appear that will let you manually choose which server you want to connect to play.

Learn how to land better in Apex Legends

In case you are very lost in all this matter, we recommend that always choose the one with the lowest latency (first figure) and with the lowest packet loss (second figure). For example, writing from Spain we have found that when connecting to Belgium we have barely 30ms of latency and 0% packet loss, even better than the London server. Not bad for playing Apex Legends!

Change server in Apex Legends Instructions according to your game platform.

If you play on console (PS4 or Xbox One):
  1. Wait two minutes at the title screen.
  2. Enter the accessibility menu, located in the lower left corner.
  3. Exit the menu and press the right joystick (R3).
  4. Choose the server you want to connect to.

If you play on PC:
  1. Wait a minute at the title screen.
  2. Press ESC on your keyboard, as if you were going to exit the game.
  3. A second confirmation box will appear. Select "cancel" to return to the title screen.
  4. The servers menu should now appear at the bottom of the screen.