Thronebreaker features nods to the Witcher and Sapkowski novels

The game, exclusive to PC on GOG, is also coming to PS4 and XOne.

We have played Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales! The new video game of CD Projekt, creators of The witcher, was shown in Poland earlier this week. There we were able to verify that, based on the work of Andrezj Sapkowski and the video games of the Polish studio, their creators have tried to capture the whole essence of their rich universe, with recognizable events and characters for lovers of the sorcerer's adventures. Can we expect more winks during the adventure?

The manager of the playable mechanics of Thronebreaker, Michal Dobrowolskiexplained to 3D Games that users will meet "characters from The Witcher or Andrezj Sapkowski's books, because the events of Thronebreaker are the same as those narrated in the stories before the development of the first The Witcher. Sapkowski enthusiasts who have read the books and play a Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will know some of the events and characters narrated in the video game, "he explained.

Dobrowolski told us that the team has tried to "nurture Thronebreaker with every possible character from The Witcher trilogy and the books." The action of the play, embodied by Queen Meve, will be based on exploration and Gwent's own battles. The camp and the improvements we make during the game will be vital so that users can access new cards and see how their deck and army evolve as the adventure progresses.

"The camp is the heart of your army. There you can improve your statistics and access new cards that you can create by crafting the items you find during the adventure. Not all the activity will remain on the cards: we can also send spies or scouts to other places on the map to find and unlock new items that will be useful to Meve during the game. " Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will be exclusive to GOG. It comes out next October 23 on PC and December 4 on Xbox One and PS4.

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