The Walking Dead: The Final Season will allow you to simulate past decisions

So we can create different saved games to discover different sides of the story.

This same month of August the boys of TellTale Games launch their long-awaited The Walking Dead: The Final Season, a video game that puts an end to six years of titles around the work of Robert Kirkman. There have been so many episodes and seasons along the way that the creators of adaptations of other great works like Game of Thrones or The Wolf Among Us do not want to forget about those who may have missed one and have devised a tool for them.

So the last adventure of Clementine It will allow us to enjoy the whole string of decisions that we have made until then, so far everything is correct. But if we do not have a baggage of saved games, or we have played it on another platform; or if, simply, we want to bet on trying different options and discovering different results, we will have the Story Builder at our disposal.

It is a browser option that will allow us, interactively, to recap events from the previous three seasons and, in this way, make crucial decisions about them. All of them will be recorded in a saved game that we can take to the final game.

The video game goes on sale on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 14, later arriving on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch. You have to remember that the game not only concludes these stories about survivors and zombies, but you also have to remember that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will retire the usual TellTale Games graphics engine for all these years, and it will give way to a Unity to be used in The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 and the studio's version of Stranger Things.

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