The Tomorrow Children will begin its open beta on PlayStation 4 on June 3

Q-Games is in charge of production, which can be tested until Monday, June 6.

Sony has confirmed that the next 3 of June the beta of The Tomorrow Children, the new video game of Q-Games for the Japanese console. The event will begin on Friday at 10 am. The process will end the day June 6th at the same time.

The objective of the game is original and eccentric at the same time: it is an open non-linear adventure in which we will control some dolls that must cooperate and work to make their city bigger, which will be besieged by other dolls and monsters called Izverg with the intention to end our advance and progress.

The Russian dolls will be able to get more resources working to obtain defenses that allow them to eliminate possible threats that arrive by land and air. The beta download is now available on the PlayStation Store.