The Last of Us Part II will be shown again at E3 2018

Naughty Dog offers new details on its argument.

Director of The Last of Us: Part II And part of the team responsible for this highly anticipated action adventure has stopped by the PlayStation Experience 2017 to offer new details about this PS4 video game, confirming in passing that we will hear from him again at E3 2018 in June next year.

With the dark motto that "no one will be safe" in this video game, Neil Druckmann has highlighted that the writing team wants to go even deeper into the moral ambiguity that defines this series. Who is good? Who bad? The story will be about the meaning of "pursuing justice", but with many grays in between. In this sense, the director of The Last of Us assures that they are "innovating" in the way of telling the story, in their narrative, but he cannot speak more about it for now. What it does make clear is that they will continue to bet on characters that feel human, credible, realistic in the way they face the terror that is described in this video game.

It also recognizes that there will be fans of the original who will not like this second video game, but it is something they assume; Naughty dog You must be true to yourself and work on what you believe. Where will the action take us this time? Seattle It will be one of the main areas through which we move, without specifying much more.

Finally, Neil Druckmann has highlighted that the video game is around "50 or 60 percent of its development", but it is still too early to determine when it will be complete. It ensures that there are a few complete levels, which a few lucky few have been able to enjoy. Currently, he concludes, Naughty Dog faces the most difficult part of development because all the pieces of the game need to come together and work perfectly. The ultimate goal? Create a spectacular video game; one that will also be "great" in the words of its director.