The Last of Us Part II: Your first trailer is not part of the game

Its director confirms that it was a promotional video to publicize the video game.

The scene with which Naughty dog presented the highly anticipated The Last of Us: Part II PS4 is not part of the video game. It has been confirmed by its director, Neil Druckmann, which acknowledges that this video sequence was merely promotional in nature.

"It is not a scene that takes place within the game," says the creative, as is the case with the trailer that was presented at the last Paris Games Week. At that time, the video generated some controversy due to its high degree of violence.

"Some people, as we expected, were somewhat disturbed by what they saw in that scene, which led to some interesting conversations about what kind of violence is frowned upon in a video game," Druckmann said at the time.

The last time the director of The Last of Us 2 offered details of the video game, he confirmed that this action adventure still has a lot of work ahead of it.