The Last of Us Part 2 Celebrates Outbreak Day 2017 with T-Shirt, Theme and Poster

The video game, exclusive to PlayStation 4, was presented at the last PlayStation Experience.

He September 26 is a day marked by fire in the history of The last of us: It was the climax of the infection in the gaming world of Naughty dog, and many are the players who celebrate such an important event with tributes to the work on the networks. Sony has not wanted to be left behind, hence it has launched an interesting promotion of The Last of Us: Part II in the United States dedicated to its players.

First, with a large poster drawn by Kevin Tong, in which we see, supposedly, Joel's arm holding a lever. It can be purchased for $ 50 from the MondoTess portal on September 29 in a limited edition that, of course, has international shipments. Its arrival is scheduled for this December, and it measures 24 inches long by 18 inches wide.

The poster is not the only item released on Outbreak Day: the PlayStation-based clothing store will add a new T-shirt from The Last of Us Part 2 with logo on the chest and a theme for the system Playstation 4 based on the highly anticipated video game. It will dress your console with backgrounds and icons based on the sequel to the adventure starring Joel and Ellie, which we hope to see more of in Las Vegas next December.

Naughty dog He already played with Outbreak Day just a year ago: weeks before the announcement of The Last of Us: Part II, made available to players a poster that advanced the announcement of the sequel. Of course, nobody was able to see the present event coming, which ended up becoming one of the biggest surprises of the last PlayStation Experience. Will the American firm repeat in 2017?