The Last Guardian: "It was difficult to accept the change to PlayStation 4"

Fumito Ueda talks about one of the most convulsive developments in the PlayStation era.

The American portal IGN has had the pleasure of interviewing Fumito Ueda, director of The Last Guardian, one of the most desired video games in Playstation 4. The development has been one of the most rugged in remembrance and the medium has wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary since its development began. Can you say that they have worked for the last ten years in the game? Ueda is not so clear: "We have not always been active in development, so it is difficult to put a number of time to the creation of the game itself."

One of the chapters that Ueda remembers is the news of changing the development of PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, and he speaks saddened by the decision taken then: "When it was already decided that the game was going to arrive at PlayStation 4 it was difficult to accept it. In perspective, now the market for PlayStation 3 is smaller and that of PlayStation 4 is the most important, so I am happy that it has become a PlayStation 4 game. But I do not forget that when the decision was made I felt a little disappointed, since he wanted to launch the game earlier. "

But I do not forget that when the decision was made I was a little disappointed, since I wanted to launch the game earlier. However, the announcement was one of the most celebrated by users at the past E3 in Los Angeles. Are there positive elements in the platform change? "Among the good things that have happened with the transition to PlayStation 4 is the quality of the graphics, its details, its improvements and the different additions that there are." Ueda has also not dared to speak of a specific percentage of development: "I cannot tell you a percentage of the current game, but I can tell you that we are working very hard to launch the game at the end of this year."

He also assures that "I have never been in a video game that its development has lasted so long. On the one hand it saddens me to finish it, but on the other I feel that I want to finish its creation", but concludes with a positive thought: "I feel that if the players end up enjoying the game all the time it took to develop it and all the penalties that have been experienced during its creation, it will have been worth it ". The Last Guardian is expected to be released in late 2016.