The King of Fighters XIV will be compatible with PlayStation 3 arcade sticks

The new installment of SNK's fighting game will not neglect compatibility with past sticks.

The King of Fighters XIV comes to Playstation 4 the next 26 of August, and that will be the date that the title will receive its first patch to allow compatibility with arcade sticks from Playstation 3, as it did at the time Street fighter v. No details on compatibility have been specified, but it's likely similar to Capcom's.

In this case, be careful with sticks without an official license for PlayStation 3, as they may not be compatible with the video game of SNK. KOF XIV congregate more than 50 fighters in a new edition of the most legendary team championship in the genre of two-dimensional fighting. Do you want to know more about the video game? Feel free to take a look at our impressions.