The Hong Kong Massacre will unleash its action at the end of January

A new trailer lets us see this promising shooter in motion.

The independent study Vreski Games has announced that its promising The Hong Kong Massacre will go on sale on PC and PS4 on January 22. Inspired by John Woo's cinema, the video game has also presented a trailer that allows you to see the intense and frenetic action that this top-down perspective shooter is betting on.

This action video game proposes us to live a brutal story of revenge in very realistic locations in the criminal world. Put yourself in the shoes of a former police detective ready to avenge the murder of his partner and take down criminals with a mixture of power fire, slow motion and mechanics to launch and dodge ", reads his official description.

During the shootings in The Hong Kong Massacre we can use covers, dodge bullets rolling on the ground and even go through windows to surprise rivals. In the line of the classic Max Payne series, we can also slow down time to take down multiple targets more easily.

"Each level has several challenges that will allow you to unlock new weapons as you progress, as well as exchange bullets in locations such as restaurants and rooftops in a city full of criminals," add those responsible for this promising title for PC and PS4.

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