The Frozen Wilds, Horizon expansion, promises more dynamic combat

The new weapons, and improved versions of the already known ones, will allow you to face the fight in another way.

There are just a few weeks left before we can enjoy the first and last major content expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4, and the Guerrilla Games team wanted to take the opportunity to offer some new details of a video game that promises "more dynamic" battles than those lived in the original.

"We have focused on some improvements in the quality of the game with the addition of new abilities that also add a dash of dynamism," said the writer of Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds in an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine in the United Kingdom. "There are some great new abilities that add a whole new dimension to combat." Similarly, Ben McCaw points out, "there are new ways of interacting with machines."

This expansion will allow us to visit a new frozen region, which is a "border land between the Carja tribe and the Banuk. It is a disputed territory"continues the screenwriter," so it's a very dangerous area. "In this sense, Guerrilla wanted to" do all the things that the original video game already did, "but adding" a new area, a new culture, "and lots of new missions that allow Aloy to delve into the history of this post apocalyptic universe.

Fans who take on this adventure, which goes on sale November 7, will also find "updated versions of familiar weapons, as well as some new ones that allow you to explore combat in different ways. We have been testing some adjustments in the game system and we believe that it will be much more fun to play, "concludes the creative.